Live Your Best Life: 50 Things to Do this Summer

Summer is a world of possibilities and endless opportunities for fun in the sun. Here’s a list of 50 things to do this summer. Let me know what’s on your summer bucket list and what you’re able to get crossed off!

1. Go for a summer walk
2. See a play with a buddy
3. Get some chips from a chip truck
4. Have a throwback and play some cops and robbers
5. Listen to the wind through the trees
6. Have a sleepover
7. Go to the local spa
8. See a movie at the cinema by yourself
9. Read a new book in one day
10. Scavenger hunt with your buddies
11. Go to an outdoor concert or festival
12. Enjoy a classic picnic- cheese sammies yo
13. Take a ride on the water
14. Get a Frosty from Wendy’s
15. Visit the farmers market more than once
16. Celebrate Pride!
17. Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk
18. See a drive-in or outdoor movie
19. Fly a kite
20. Plant some lavender- it’s good for the bees
21. Take part in an outdoor fitness class- yoga
22. Play some basketball- go Raps!
23. Volunteer at your local shelter or food cupboard
24. Go swimming in a pool and a lake!
25. Walk barefoot in the grass- Earthing
26. Canada Day fireworks!
27. Road-trip for the weekend
28. Play bocce ball and croquet
29. Get some friends together and pick up litter
30. Slurp a slushy from the convenience store
31. Read on a hammock
32. Visit the beach
33. Stargaze
34. Watch planes take off and land- trust
35. Channel Tan France with some stylin French tucks
36. Ask some strangers to join their soccer game
37. Learn to skateboard
38. Watch a sunset
39. Go to an outdoor art class
40. Blow bubbles- be in a bubble
41. Eat ice cream outside
42. Go to the water park
43. Food festivals all the way
44. Play some beach volleyball and badminton
45. Visit a flower nursery or field
46. Pick some strawberries
47. Jump in on a giant jump-rope
48. Climb a tree- be safe
49. Have a camp-fire and roast some marshmallows
50. Take a breath. Relax. Embrace the sunshine!

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