Frank and Oak Style Plan Review Take Two

Frank and Oak have a subscription box where they offer their clothes at a discounted price and style them for you too! They’re a fun brand that offers high-quality low impact clothing at an affordable price. Streamlined with classic cuts- they make some great basics. I got one of the Style Plan boxes last year you can find my review here. Frank and Oak is committed to sustainability and I’m about that, so I figured it was time to give it another try!

I love Frank and Oak but, I don’t own an abundance of their clothes- something I want to slowly change. You can’t deny their quality and design. Their prints are lovely and versatile. I got four pieces in my latest style box. They’ve updated their options for personalizing so you can filter and tailor their choices based on your style.  Just a few quick quizzes and you’re good to go. So in theory the three items they picked were perfect, but the fit was a bit of a struggle. Understand that this is just how they fit me personally- it’s clear to me now that I need to adjust my size needs based on the individual items- from pants to dresses.

I received a lovely dress with a gorgeous print. However, the fit was not ideal. The length was fine for a mid especially considering I’m slightly shorter than the average, but the top of the dress just fit a little too big so there was a lot of gaping. I also would have loved a little more added interest in the cut- while still keeping it classy mind you. That aside if the fit was better I would have loved to keep this dress! As for styling, I think pairing a shorter jacket and a slightly higher boot is perfect so that the proportions of the body look right. This is just personal preference though and I’d love to hear your styling ideas!

I also received three shirts. One was a basic white tee the other a stripy number- we’ll talk about the other one in a second. I kept the striped one because I never want to be basic. Kidding- haha too late for that anyway! While the tee was made of a nice material and draped nicely it was a little too sheer for my liking, so I kept the striped one! The other shirt I received was a pseudo-wrap top in a very thick material in a nice rich teal colour. It was not for me- that’s for sure. This is where I think next time if I opt to go for the style box I need to adjust the sizes for different items. This one was waaaay too tight. My bad for not picking the right size!

I love Frank and Oak clothes and would recommend looking there if you need to replenish your basics or if you’re looking for some options with some classic cuts with fun prints. Let me know your thoughts on Style Boxes. If you know of any others in Canada that you want me to write about shoot me a message! I’m always interested in the options Canada has to offer because it feels like they are few and far between.

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