How to Rock It: Baker Boy Hat

No, you will not look like Pillsbury Doughboy. Yes, it is still called a baker boy hat- so really not following through on the name. To be fair they can also be known as a newsboy cap or fisherman hat. That aside if you want to look like a fashionable Brit without going all the way to England this hat is the way to go.

English Countryside

So maybe miniskirts aren’t ideal for the countryside but it’s tweed. Fight me. I love this look because it can be worn in those cooler months with a little leg-wear and a jacket and you’re golden. I like to pair it back to some chunky heeled boots that are perfect through stomping through the fields.

London Look Baby!

Leather jackets instantly make you cooler, and cool people live in London. Ergo this being the London look. I like to do a solid coloured, lightweight turtleneck or mock-neck underneath the jacket. Now, this may sound extra, but if you match your socks to your shirt- just wow! You will look so put together with just a few basics and a hat. 10/10 would recommend.


The year of Mickey may be over, but we will love him forever. Keep on rocking any or all of the Disney merch you picked up. I included this look to encourage you to be creative with the styling of your Mickey gear. Layer that long-sleeve underneath the tee for a true 90s look. Or style that mickey crewneck with a collared shirt underneath to serve preppy and comfy realness. Oh boy! Disclaimer: the above paragraph must be read with Mickey’s voice.

I did promise British and European vibes with these looks. Sorry if I’ve offended any fashionista actually from England with my subpar fashion sense- but you can’t win ‘em all. Honestly, though I love this hat and it’s magical abilities to make any outfit look cooler and more intentional. When in doubt- throw on any accessory and your outfit levels up. When you throw on this guy though, you’re saying to the world- I’m here, I love fashion, and I haven’t washed my hair today.

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