Burberry and Moncler: My Latest Designer Investments

I work in retail and my eyes have recently been opened to the world of designer. I had the chance to make two great designer investments when two jackets I’d been coveting went on sale. Thank goodness. If you’ve read my post about how I’m curbing my shopping habit you’re probably a little confused and rightly so. Worry not- they were on my list purchased January and February. I now have a strict policy of zero jackets… wish me luck!

The Burberry I purchased in January and I’m in love. It’s a classic cut so it will be timeless in the long run with wider lapels. It tapers in slightly at the waist for a more tailored fit. The jacket is made of lovely grey wool so it’s nice and toasty. It’s a duster length-because I am short- so it’s perfect for even those super cold winter days- when your eyes start watering upon contact with the frigid air. The detailing is lovely with a classic Burberry lining which is a nice subtle nod to the brand without being too out there. I’ve had a Burberry scarf for a while and I’ve been saving to get my hands on any Burberry jacket. I’m glad this is the one that came into my life because it is honestly perfect.

My next purchase was the Moncler bomber. While less of a classic cut compared to my newest Burberry addition it’s a jacket I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’m so happy with this investment! It’s a lightweight down-filled number perfect for those milder winter days that don’t exist in Ottawa. In all seriousness though I’m fortunate enough to not have to stay outside for extended periods during my long commute. I plan on wearing this baby from now until summer. Cost per wear people!

I’m confident that both of these pieces will last me a long time. The quality and the fit are second to none and I’m excited to continue styling both of these fun new jackets. Let me know if there’s a couple of designer items you’ve had your eye on and if you have any fun styling ideas for the new new! You got this.

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