Trends I Refuse to Let Die

We all have our own personal taste when it comes to fashion. These 2019 trends are commonly hated by many people. We’re going to explore everything from baker boy hats to the ultra hated and most polarizing… biker shorts. Will I regret this later, probably, but you only have one life. So why not create a few regrets and give next year me something to laugh about?

Bike Shorts

Not just for bikers people! Contrary to what the name suggests these shorts are for everyone to rock. Belt bag, crop top and you’re done. I think the issue people have with these bad boys is that they’re basically leggings- but shorts. I don’t know why so many people love to hate on bike shorts. If you know the reason, hit me up!

Baker Boy Hats

Wake up Canada! These are the best trend to happen recently. I have a pin head, so I will forever be grateful to these hats that aren’t baseball caps, or sun hats that actually fit my tiny head. You can check out more ways to rock it here. Who doesn’t want to look like a long-lost sibling of Mario and Luigi? Yip yip!

Dad Sneakers

While I don’t personally own a pair of these… I want to. Just waiting for the day that they’re sold at my work. Until then though- be free and roam the wild with your lawn mowing and BBQing shoes. I will be over here in silent envy.

Belt Bags

Babe- you know I love me a good belt bag. I find them hard to style in the winter and fall with all the layers. Which is probably due to my lack of trying. So I’m excited to have a bit of challenge as I try to add them to my winter stylings. Yes, winter is still going strong in Canada- and will be for a while. Let me know if you have any tips or ideas! Live your best kangaroo life.

Industrial Belts

Another one I don’t own- I’m waiting for the right one to come into my life. Everyone who owns these always looks super cool. The whole long socks and 90s kid vibes is something that everyone should be here for. So don’t let this one die before I find the perfect one!

So that’s that. It’s up to you what you wear and how you rock it- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. What are your favourite trends that everyone loves to hate?

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