Live Your Best Life: How to Stop Shopping All the Time

Shopping for clothes is an addiction for many- and being 100% candid with you it’s absolutely an addiction for me. If you’re reading this as someone who also finds themselves shopping more than once a month, sometimes more than once a week. Trust me I’ve been right there with you. So here goes: how to stop shopping, by me a slightly reformed shopaholic who is on the path to recovery.

Make a List

I’m of the opinion that completely cutting shopping out of your life can set yourself up to fail. I speak from experience. To prevent these lapses, make a list of things that you genuinely need. Personally, I also allowed myself one fun purchase. A “want” rather than a need, to add something to my wardrobe- like a style I didn’t own yet. There are three needs: a replacement for something you’ve worn out, items you need for your occupation, and gifts for others.

When I say items you need for your occupation, I mean steel toe boots, dress pants and the like. I work in retail and I know there are instances where I try to justify purchasing something new because “it’s for my job”. Just no. Side-note, I have gifting included in my list because I love giving people presents. So, don’t feel the need to include this if it’s not part of your love language. As much as possible I’m trying to minimize the amount of material things I gift and focus more on experiences.

Stick to the List

I’m going to revise this list monthly and make one shopping trip. This is so I don’t catch myself shopping every week. Think of it as a way to hold yourself accountable to shopping less. If it’s not on the list don’t buy it. It’s worth noting that if you don’t find the right item keep looking. Focus on the quality and fit of the garment and ensure it’s going to meet your needs and last for a while. Last thing, your “want” for the month you don’t have to get it. I include it on my list to allow myself the freedom to find that perfect item. It’s also nice to use a reward system for not shopping for the rest of the month.

Online is the Enemy

I recently had a major relapse when I discovered one of my favourite staples- a grey turtleneck- had a hole in the front. I had remembered seeing one at Aerie and I had a store credit. One thing led to another and I ended up shopping at three different stores online. Facepalming so hard- sorry Liv. First, delete and unsubscribe from all marketing emails that come to your inbox.  Next block your favourite shopping websites on your phone. For me, that’s Aritzia, Simons… and a few more.

There are so many ways and methods to stop shopping and I am absolutely here for suggestions. This is what I’m trying out and it’s been semi-successful so far but, it’s honestly a daily struggle. I’m posting this as a way to hold myself accountable to stopping the addiction once and for all. Slowing down my fashion consumption and focusing on sustainability you can find a few more details about slow fashion here. More to come on this soon! Let me know if you’re in the same boat with the shopaholic tendencies- if yes what are your tricks to stop shopping? Please tell me!

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