What’s the Deal with Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is the way of the future. With the fashion industry growing every year we need to take a look at how we consume, and whether it’s sustainable. Affordable slow fashion is a must! I think it’s important to point out that slow fashion doesn’t mean unfashionable. Slow fashion is still stylish and most importantly sustainable. Two of my favourite things- after nachos!


Reduce, reuse, recycle- that’s what thrifting is all about! Thrifting prolongs the lifecycle of an item and it can be a great way to find some vintage swag at a great price. Sustainability is key with thrifting. That means donate or re-sell your clothes- some thrift stores offer coupons and discounts when you donate which you can then use to shop. I’m excited to dive into the thrifting world this year!

Ethically Sourced

This is the who, what, where, and the how of the product you’re purchasing. The who and the how go hand in hand. This means everyone involved in the whole process from start to finish needs to be treated ethically and paid a fair wage. Simple as that. The what and the where go together too. This means that all materials being used are procured in a humane way while causing minimum impact on the environment. The where covers everything from where your material is being sourced to where it’s being made. How far are your clothes travelling before they get to you? When thinking about something being created ethically we need to remember the little things. From the dye that is sourced to the people making the garment, to the person transporting that garment to you. Everyone is treated fairly, and everything is handled in a safe and humane way that minimizes the impact on the environment.

Shop Local

Local stores often carry pieces that are made by artisans that live close to you. This minimizes your carbon footprint but also supports your local storeowners. Local stores often have some great finds- and will support brands originating from your country. Local stores give great styling tips and are also very friendly. I know I want to foray into more local Ottawa options so let me know your faves.

Slow fashion is about making more conscious fashion choices that are within your budget. This means, the fast fashion that you already have in your wardrobe- care for it and repair it to increase the longevity of the garment, but try and avoid investing in new pieces from fast fashion retailers. This year I’m going to be trying a lot of different ways to slow down my fashion consumption. One important thing to remember is that slow fashion doesn’t mean un-trendy. It’s about sustainability and ensuring everyone involved in the process is being paid a living wage. Let me know what you think about slow fashion and what tips you have for maintaining a slow fashion lifestyle. I’m open to suggestions- this is my first deeper dive into this world you can check out the deal with fast fashion here and how I’m working to stop the shopping addiction here.

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