Live Your Best Life: A Holiday Season Bucket List

A holiday season bucket  list is just the things to ensure you’re accomplishing your favourite activities during a busy time. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important that we remember to find the joy in the little things while enjoying our time with friends and family! While many of my bucket-list activities are obvious, I personally like to have something to hold me accountable. Let me know what you have on your holiday bucket list!

  1. Bake some Pillsbury holiday cookies. It’s number one for a reason people.
  2. Go on a day trip to a town near you enjoy the sights- you might make some great local gifting finds!
  3. Trim your tree and decorate your home- doesn’t have to be pricey!
  4. Skate at your local outdoor ice rink- I’m talking local basketball court or backyard converted into ice rink type deal. We love those ones- bumps and all.
  5. Make a snow angel.
  6. Go see the lights. Whether on a drive around your neighborhood or a walk through your city.
  7. Visit your local bookstore and enjoy a cozy hour or two browsing and find a new book to take home for the holidays- if you can choose!
  8. Visit the local Christmas Market or Farmer’s Market in your area to pick up some fun festive goodies.
  9. Volunteer at your local food bank.
  10. Have a pancake breakfast with friends.
  11. Bring a loved one a small surprise- a treat from home, or their favourite cozy drink is always fun!
  12. Go on a winter hike- bonus points if it’s snowing.
  13. Have some apple cider or hot chocolate- post hike is ideal.
  14. Make a stew with veggies and other things you can find in your local farmers market.
  15. Have a holiday movie marathon. Check out my list of favourites here.

There are so many more fun and festive activities to do. Use this as a gentle reminder to take some time for yourself and relax this holiday season.

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