Live Your Best Life: Weekday Morning Routine

We say people are night owls or early birds- but we don’t like labels, maybe you’re just always sleepy. That’s why a workday or weekday morning routine is imperative to make your life easier and to start your day on the right foot- no matter what you have going on.

Waking Up, Start Your Morning Right!

The most important part of waking up is unsurprisingly, getting out of bed. I try to get out of bed five minutes after I’ve woken up max! I’ve spoken about this a little here. We’re all about honesty and ownership here, and I have to admit there are some days where this seems impossible. But, trust me when I say it gets easier the more you do it and those tough days happen more and more infrequently. The trick to this is by no means revolutionary- don’t pick up your phone.

Getting Ready

I like to have my outfit ready the night before and I shower at night time too. So this little getting ready section is going to look different for everybody. I would recommend having your bag ready with everything you will need for the day ready the previous evening. You’ll be able to catch a few more minutes of sleep and it will make getting ready seamless and easy.

Breakfast… Ya Seriously

I have a feeling I know what you’re all thinking right now. Breakfast is not for many people. Whether it’s too early or you just don’t have time. I want to challenge you to try it and make a little time. For me breakfast is usually the time I get to spend with my sister before we start the day. We have some tea and a bite to eat and it’s perfect. The key is bringing your breakfast to work. This way you can skip some of the traffic!

For all you breakfast haters out there try and start with something easy: a piece of fruit, a yogurt, an instant oatmeal packet, a boiled egg- the possibilities are limitless. Prep it the night before and pack it in your lunch. Make your morning easy!

You Time a.k.a. Phone Time

This brings us into you time. Now is when you pick up your phone! Again, I’m all about that 100% transparency and I have to admit to you all that you will sometimes catch me reading on my phone while I’m brushing my teeth. Hey, we can’t all be perfect. For the most part I avoid it until I get to work- with the exception of playing music in the car. Try and have a phone free morning until you’re completely ready for the day.

That’s that my friends. Everyone will have a different routine and some people like to sleep in and hustle to work. I challenge you to try and take some time for yourself to wake up and to make sure you’re ready to take on the day!

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