Live Your Best Life: How to Create a Night Time Routine

Routines and habits make life easier. Establishing a night time routine for when you get home can lend itself to so many great things in your life! Your habits and routines will always be a work in progress and will constantly be adapting to meet your lifestyle needs. Routines will help you take more time for yourself and focus on being productive and focused when needed.

Getting Home

This one is all about cutting bad habits. I am very guilty of getting home and immediately grabbing a snack, a book, and heading right for the couch. Not cute. From the start it’s about getting into the habit of doing the little things like emptying your lunch bag or, hanging your jacket and clothes in the closet. The most important thing is to hit the ground running when you get home so that you don’t get stuck being unproductive. Depending on what time you get home this is a good time to start getting dinner prep done or grab a quick snack

Cleaning Up

Tidying up is easier to do in small chunks than all in one go. Don’t let that laundry pile up- you got this. Take a little time out of your day to get those small chores done that can pile up. Getting those lunch and dinner dishes done will be a weight off, trust me. I personally like night time showers to feel relaxed for the evening and wash off the day. If it’s a part of your morning routine no sweat.

Setting Up for Success

It’s so much easier to start the day and get out of bed when you have your day ready to go. If you’re planning on going to the gym in the morning have your bag packed and your work clothes ready to change into. The biggest one that is honestly life-changing is making sure your lunch is packed. Trust me, this is the biggest additions you can make to your night time routine with the added bonus of getting to sleep in a little later.

Winding Down

Now take some time for yourself. Do whatever makes you happy and try a little self-care and fill your cup. Turn off your phone- I know it’s hard but try. Even if it’s just for the fifteen minutes before you go to bed it will make all the difference. Check out a little more about self-care tips and why it’s important to look after yourself here.

I’m still pulling my routine together and it’s always getting tweaked here and there- so I would love to hear about your night time routine. Remember, your routine isn’t rigid or required. Change it and develop it to suit your needs and what works best for you and your lifestyle. If something isn’t working find a way to make it work. You got this!

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