Live Your Best Life: September Commitments

It’s official we are saying farewell to Summer and embracing Fall. It’s time for some September Commitments. I for one welcome the cooler weather with open arms- especially because I can now take advantage of 80% of my wardrobe. I want you to remember- don’t be too hard on yourself, progress is progress.

Time for Some Routine

I will be the first person to admit that I have some pretty bad habits. One I’m sure many people can relate to- is coming home changing out of work clothes and just leaving them. Whether you have “the chair” to do this or you just pop them on the floor, either way you end up creating so much work for future you. All that to say, I’m going to create a night-time and morning routine to make life a little smoother. More on this to come!

Double Trouble

I am really happy with the progress I made in August- posting twice a week. We’re keeping that going in September. Last month was a fashion heavy- I would love to hear about what else you’d like to see or hear about from me.

Making Time for What’s Important

This is one I’m going to be sharing with you constantly, because I want you to be prioritizing the right things and making sure you’re taking care of yourself. Self-car is so important and here’s some reasons it’s important to take that time for yourself here. This month between my job and school- I’m prioritizing my family, my friends and my health. I’m going to be visiting my grandma in England, and I’m so excited to see her. Making time for what is important to you- it’s different for every person.

Next month we are going to change things up with commitments and I’m excited to see what you all think. What are your goals for September? Share them with me- I would love to hear about it.

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