Live Your Best Life: Setting Goals

Every new day is an opportunity. This might sound cliché to you, but I truly believe this and I think having this outlook can help you feel accomplished and ready to take on new adventures.  When I get into work I set my intention for the day and ten I put it into action. This can be anything from teaching a skill to someone on my team, to accomplishing something on my list for that upcoming event. When the day is done, I leave work satisfied knowing that even though I might not have crossed everything off my list- I accomplished something. This got me to thinking how I approach things outside of work. Do I celebrate the small victories? How can I improve or have a more positive impact on the world? This line of thought led me to the conclusion that I need to set personal goals. These goals can be for personal growth or to start the foundation of good habits.

Reducing My Footprint

This one isn’t revolutionary by any means. This month I won’t be using any disposable straws or single use cups. I’m sure we all have a bunch of travel cups at home whether from gifting or other. It’s time to put them to good use. Most coffee places will give some sort of incentive for bringing a reusable cup too!  Again, not revolutionary but I’m also reducing waste by not usng plastic bags. I’ve got my totes in the car for groceries and Ikea bag for bigger purchases. A while back I got a dry bag from Chapters of all places. It’s a 1.5L so it fits my gym clothes perfectly!

Improving Diet

I’m swearing off sugary drinks. Goodbye strawberry coconut drink and morning chai latte. This may seem like such a small change- but I have a major sweet tooth and I would rather have a delicious cupcake or cookie than have a sugary drink. We’re one week in and trust me when I say it has already made a difference. I hate coffee and I need my black teas sweet so, to get that little pep in my step in the morning I have some green tea with honey in. Delicious! I do need to remember to have some ice for those toasty summer days. Additionally, I’m bringing my lunches to work everyday. I’m in the bad habit of eating out very often. Whether at the restaurant at my work, or delicious places nearby. This one has the added bonus of saving money.

Making Time for What’s Important

This is a huge one. I spend a lot of time focussing on other people. It’s important to make time to look after yourself physically and mentally. Do things that you love. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Chill at home and watch some Netflix. Do all of these things or do none of these things the world is your oyster. For me I’m making and effort to be available for family and friends. I’m also making time to go to spin classes. Find out ore about my favourite Ottawa spin studio here. Self-care and making time for what’s important will be different for every person. Do what makes you feel happy, lifted and inspired.

These are my commitments for the month. Putting them out there, makes them almost more tangible. I’m excited to see what changes this brings about and to see how I can be more intentional with my choices. I would love to hear about how you are creating a positive change for yourself and other this month, so share your commitments and connect with me!

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